O.co Coliseum

O.co Coliseum is a stadium located in Oakland, California, United States that is used for baseball and football games. Commonly referred to as The Oakland Coliseum, or simply The Coliseum. It was formerly known as Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum and Network Associates Coliseum.

O.co Coliseum is the the only multi-purpose stadium still existing which serves as a full-time home to both a Major League Baseball team (the Oakland Athletics) and a National Football League team (the Oakland Raiders).

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O.co Coliseum Parking, Oakland Raiders Parking Information and Tips

OCJV manages on-site parking at all the complex’s events, including parking accommodations for limousines, buses and RVs. Designated space is provided in all four lots for the disabled. Parking lot rental opportunities are available.

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