A Fresh Start with Knockdown Home Rebuilders

For starters, planning on acquiring a house for keeps is both a big decision and investment to make. Nowadays, we are exposed to a lot of options on real estate. You can either choose one at a company’s build and display homes, hire builders or contractors to realize your dream of having a luxury home design, or get them to plan on sloping block house designs for you to choose from.  But what if you already have an ancestral house and block of land passed on from well-wishing relatives? But upon inspection of the house, you noticed that the overall design, functionalities and amenities cannot compromise with the distinct needs of your family’s lifestyles. Thankfully, the modern world has come up with an innovation on home design that is both fresh and inexpensive than the result and cost of radical home redevelopments.

Did you know that 10 percent of the total number of new homes built by the 100 largest home builders in Australia in 2013-2014 were knockdown rebuilds or KDRs? It isn’t hard to see why this is an increasingly popular solution given the many advantages of tearing down your home and starting afresh. If you are in need to a fresh start for a humble abode for your family in Australia, there are many home contractors that offer knock down rebuild services in Melbourne or any other part across the country. And here are the reasons why this service is your best bet:

You can avoid unanticipated renovation mistakes.

Leaky pipes, dodgy wiring and undetected asbestos are some of the unforeseen problems that can turn an exciting home makeover project into a drawn-out, nerve-wracking, expensive, and nightmarish experience. But when you get to trust knock down rebuild Melbourne contractors available today, there is a more certain goal in terms of cost and budget expenditures unlike with extensions and renovations. One can feel more comfortable when the contingency budget won’t necessarily be as big when building a new home from scratch.

You can save more funds compared to renovating.

Because of the amount of work involved, one can easily assume that rebuilding a house will cost more than renovating parts of it. But did you know that home demolition and building contractors have this rule that they will usually agree to only about $1000 to $1300 per square meter to finish to a new home? If you compare it to the usual amount of $2500 to $3000 per square meter allowed by home renovation companies, getting the luxury home design you want will ultimately be more attainable and inexpensive with a knockdown and rebuild company.

You can start with a new, clean slate.

Trusting a knockdown-rebuild contractor can give you a lot more design freedom and flexibility. With home redevelopments and renovations, you are limited to working with around existing arrangements in the old house structure. Perhaps you want to utilize a small bathroom space to make it look bigger or maybe you want a luxury home design that allows you to put a veranda on the second floor. With a knockdown-rebuild service, building a new home from scratch makes way for more options in terms of making the most out of the style and size of the house, its functionality and sustainability and the use of modern building practices for its betterment. http://www.l37.com.au/services/custom-designs/