Why You Should Invest in Real Estate!

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the scale tipped favoring real estate investments. Today more investors are turning to real-estate as its one of the most stable forms of growing wealth. Real estate investors are realizing the attractive returns that stream from the industry. Over the last year, property investments in Noosa are said to have given investors a capital gain of about 11.62%. This is an indication that Noosa real estate is looking up and worth the risk. Below are some reasons why you too would want to consider investing in real estate.


Normally, the rental properties appreciate in value, especially due to inflation or even time duration. The increased value will mean sale as well as reinvestment in properties that are of even higher value or one that will provide an equity line of credit that can then be used for other investments. While market prices for Noosa real estate properties will often rise and fall, the cycle always continues. The secret is buying when the market is down and selling when the market is up.

Inflation proof investment

While mortgage payments on property will usually stay stable, rents increase with inflation. This, therefore, means that there will be more cash flow without the increased expense for holding the property. Additionally, when more people turn into the renting option, because mortgages will become painfully expensive for most average consumers, and as the number of people renting escalate, then there will be a positive correlation with the rent which will undoubtedly go high.


To get greater returns on your Tewantin real estate investment, the trick is using leverage yet still being careful so that the properties you buy have good rental yields. For example, when you use 200,000 dollars to leverage assets to make a purchase of three properties with down payment instead of one for 200,000 cash, will generate greater returns. While it may be risky, a successful Noosa real estate investor is the one who is ready to take the risk and one that has a good understanding of how leverage may impact their real estate investments.

Paying down loans and improving equity

When you pay down loans, you will be freeing up more resources and as a result increasing leverage.  A good trick that many Doonan real estate investors employ is using increased equity in one property so that they can free up funds to be able to invest in other properties. It is common for investors to intentionally make a purchase of a property at a value price because the property either is lacking in some features or is in need of improvements.  This is a smart move as they will have already thought about the increase in value that may exceed the cost when improvements are made to the property which will lead to an instant increase in equity.

Being among the greatest tourist destinations, Noosaville real estate is undoubtedly a prolific investment that will generate high returns on investments.